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Generator Rex Mobile Game!

From Cartoon Network’s Coming Soon page

Enemy Alliance Mobile Game!

Ever wish you could take your Generator Rex game wherever you go? With our new mobile game, Enemy Alliance, you’ll unleash some of Rex’s most powerful weapons as you team up with Van Kleiss to take down the evil computer ZAG-RS. Coming soon to the App Store!

(Generator Rex - Enemy Alliance App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You must be 18 years or older or have permission from a parent or guardian.)


The last Generator Rex episode I saw was A Brief History of Time. After that, it just wasn’t airing on CN and yet we’re already on part 1 of the season finale? Can someone explain this to me?

Wikipedia said some of the episodes were released on iTunes, but why weren’t they aired on CN?

It’s most likely because of the low ratings and low merchandise sales. If you go to any toy store that sells Generator Rex toys, you’ll see that they’re in the clearance section. Lego Ninjago reruns do better than a new episode of Generator Rex, unfortunately. Cartoon Network probably didn’t want to lose ad money by airing Generator Rex, so they just decided to pull it off. Like the others have said, the episodes will continue being released on Xbox Live, Zune, Playstation Network, and iTunes. No one knows if the rest of the series will air on TV or not. 


i think the reason this part hits me so hard is because rex has never openly admitted he was scared (asides from in promises, promises when he is younger), and if he ever did, it was never significant enough for me to remember. but THIS was significant. every time i see his face, when he says this, i SERIOUSLY feel my heart break into a million bloody crumbs. :’c i will probably make a version of this with song lyrics as well. if my LAGGY ASS PHOTOSHOP DECIDES TO LISTEN TO ME.

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